$50 Donation


By purchasing this $50 donation, we will use it to pay for any behind the scenes costs (e.g. insurance, website fees, market stall fees etc.) instead of using our own funds.

We are humbled to have such encouraging customers that want to support us so generously. Thank you!



As all proceeds from our products go directly to Compassion, all of the funds to buy resources and to put our gifts together come out of our pocket. We know and believe that our God has been so gracious to us with providing us with all that we have.

Over the years, we’ve had family, friends and customers offer to make donations to Greater Gifts and for the work that we do (and to keep our business running!). Without these donations we wouldn’t be where we are today. To help with hidden costs (e.g. insurance, website fees, market stall fees etc.) you’re able to make a donation to help us out!

Making a donation to Greater Gifts is not tax deductible.

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